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Tricks to Build a Successful Association in Top Eleven 2019 (UPDATED)

Association has become a very interesting part of Top Eleven Football Manager game. Sometimes the …

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Tricks to Build a Successful Association in Top Eleven 2019 (UPDATED)

Successful Association

Association has become a very interesting part of Top Eleven Football Manager game. Sometimes the Association represents your country, sometimes your favourite club or favourite player and some time it becomes a matter of pride. It is a long road to Platinum Division from the ground level of Bronze Division 3.
There are total 10 divisions in Association department and each division has a span of 150 points, therefore your association needs a minimum of 1350 points to reach the Platinum Division. It looks like only 1350 points but it becomes difficult when Top Eleven deducts 20% points at the beginning of each season. It is easy to collect the required 150 points when your association is in lower divisions or till silver divisions but it becomes a tough job to proceed further in gold divisions. As Top Eleven deduct 20% of your total points at the beginning of the season.  Therefore, your association must gather the required amount of points to hold on the division or to proceed to the next division. 
In this article, I’m going to tell you how you can build or maintain an association in a proper way and get continuous progress to the platinum division. There are 4 major steps,
  • Finding Members
  • Training Bonus & Bonus Sharing
  • Activeness of the Members
  • Association Overall Rating
Finding Members: This is the most crucial step in building a successful association. You need a minimum of 4 members to take part in the Association tournament. Try to pick up members from your country or at least from your neighbor country. Otherwise, it will be a problem to decide the home match time. To get active members you can take help of the forum or groups/pages on Facebook. There are so many good managers in those groups searching for a good association. You just need to scout and pick them up. A good manager is not the one who has a big team rather one who understands the game so don’t rush behind big teams.

Training Bonus & Bonus Sharing: An active manager will maintain his training bonuses 10% on regular basis and this 10% bonus is very important to win an edge-to-edge match. Let's see how it affects the Association match. During Association tournament, a manager can ask any of the four bonuses (say, he/she asked for attack bonus) and made his/her attack bonus 10+4=14%.  Now if the manager is present during the match then he/she can further boost it by 7% more and he/she can play the match with 21% attack bonus. This is an incredible amount of boost to create impact and as well as to score more goals. Therefore, the bonus also plays a vital role in the match result, which ultimately added to the account of the association.

Activeness of the Members: An association of 4 active managers is far better than a set of 6 inactive managers. Inactive members do not add value to the association, so don’t think twice to kick the inactive manager out of the association. The presence of a manager not only important for his match but it also gives 2% possession to all other managers. The absence of a single manager deducts 5x2=10% possession from the association in total.

Association Overall Rating: TE tries to match same rated ( Eg. 5*) associations with each other but sometimes they match totally random. There are many theories and rumors about the matchmaking but none of them are verified by anyone. Out of these theories, the most convincing one is the average of the top 4 players of the association. Hence, it is suggested to recruit members with almost the same overall rating (like, all members are in between 90%-95%).   

So, these are the main four areas to look for when you are trying to make a successful association.  Let me know if the article is helpful or not and don’t forget to comment you valuable suggestion.