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Age-Growth relation of a player in Top Eleven

Top Eleven is one of the most popular games on the Google Play store and iOS store. To become a goo…

Special Abilities and It's Importance in Top Eleven 2019 (UPDATED)

Image source Special ability is one of the very important things that a player can have. We can s…

How to Gather Huge Amount of Fund/Budget in Top Eleven

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Squad Selection for different competition in Top Eleven (UPDATED)

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Key To success in TOP ELEVEN

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How to Build & Maintain an All-Star [6*] Team Season After Season in Top Eleven with Least Effort.

We all know one of the demerit of Top Eleven is the reduction of 20% team quality in every new sea…

How to Build a Perfect Squad in Top Eleven?

Image Source A squad is the soul of your club. What kind of history/glory is your club going to cr…

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Age-Growth relation of a player in Top Eleven

Top Eleven is one of the most popular games on the Google Play store and iOS store. To become a good player in this popular title we need to know a few in-depth tricks and tips about this game. Here in this article, I'm going to share a basic guide you need to know about the player's age and growth which is a very important thing to do good in Top Eleven! 

top eleven player growth

The more seasons he plays the more experienced he becomes. We all know this logic from our real life but Top Eleven has some other ideas. It's true that a player becomes more experienced with his age, albeit his growth rate decreases with increasing age. let's see how experience and growth rate intercept each-other and influence a player's career.

Experience: When a player joins the senior team or when you buy a player from the market you might have noticed rectangular boxes with two colors intensity, i) Highlighted (White) & ii) Fainted (Gray).

The highlighted boxes denote the required/important attributes for the particular position/s of the player. The fainted boxes denote less important or not necessary attributes for the particular position/s. For a player highlighted attributes gaining rate is far more than fainted attributes gaining rate. Therefore, less important attributes remain almost at the same level but important attributes keep rising day by day.

Hence after 4/5 season less important attributes tend to almost zero and important attributes become nearly twice. This is how he becomes double experienced than a newly signed player of his level, say 90% (same overall rating).

Meanwhile, you need to be aware of the fact that a newly signed player from the market is not an experienced player irrespective of his age. His experience level only increases when he is at the same club.

Growth Rate: Growth of a player is highly dependent upon his age. It has been noticed (from experimental results) that an 18yrs player has the highest rate of growth and 32 years has the lowest. Growth rate even becomes negative (-ve) afterward.

We have run the experiment on a group of player for several seasons and the result we have found are depicted in the following table.

Player Age
Growth Rate %  (±2%)
33 >

It is very clear from the above table that the youngest players have the highest range of growth, which is around 16% to 20%. 21 years to 23 years (they are also considered as the young player by Top Eleven) have a moderate range of growth which is 12% to 16%.

Middle age (24yrs to 26yrs) players grow by  8% to 12 % at an average. Aged players (27 yrs to 29 yrs) have a low rate of growth which is about 4% to 8%.

30 yrs to 32 yrs players do not have a significant amount of growth, it's around 1% to 3% and 33yrs and above players start thinking about hanging their boots so they don't increase at all and might even decrease some time.

So, before buying a player you need to decide, what is your first preference, experience team or a faster-growing team. Our suggestion is to buy 2/3 very young players every season and making them experienced. With this continuous process, your team will have a perfect balance of Age & Experience.
Is that helpful? or, Do you have any more suggestions to the community? Let us know in the comments below!

Special Abilities and It's Importance in Top Eleven 2019 (UPDATED)

Special ability is one of the very important things that a player can have. We can see a different kind of abilities in Top Eleven.. here we will discuss some of them in this article.
Goal Keeper-- Abilities you can you use for a GK is mainly two, One on one stopper or Penalty kick Stopper. Well from this two abilities, if you want to choose one then it has to be One-on-One stopper. The GK should have good anticipation as well as rushing out to stop a prolific striker. Penalty kick is very rare in the game so it is better to go for one on one.

Center Backs (DC)-- The most useful ability for a center back is having to be defensive wall. A player of good height, as well as strength, is good for a center back. A CB with defensive wall can save you from conceding goals from a free kick.

Fullbacks (DL/DR)-- A fullback with aerial defender as special ability can save you from the crosses into your box by the opposition. Aerial defending will also minimise the threat of conceding goals from a corner.

Defensive Midfielder (DMC)-- A holding mid with playmaker as special ability is the most preferable combination. He will hold the play and at the same time may give a perfect pass to develop a counter attack.  You can also assign any other ability such as penalty kick specialist, corner kick specialist as per your choice.

Central Midfielders ( ML/MC/MR)-- A midfielder with dribbler as a special ability is always a threat. He can dribble past two-three players and can give key passes to your strikers.  A playmaker (MC) is also very important in the build of the play. Special ability such as Free Kick and Corner Kick is also an important thing to have by a midfielder. If you have a player with multiple positions such as MR/AMR or ML/AML, you can assign shadow striker ability to them.

Attacking Midfielders (AML/AMC/AMR)-- As you can all see that most of the goals in this game come from these three players. They are the main asset of the team, you may have a very good defense but if you don't score then you never going to win a match. Here, shadow striker is one of the most important ability you can assign to an attacking mid, who plays as a secondary striker. Apart from that if the player has good shooting ability then you can give free-kick or corner-kick to this player.

Striker (ST)-- A striker with free kick specialist is always a jewel to have in your team. He can win you matches with those precise set-pieces. The ST should have good shooting and finishing skill. Also, one-on-one scorer is also available but in most of the cases, it can be seen that he is not that useful like a free kick specialist.

Attacking players with ability

We hope that it may help you to build up a perfect squad and win many titles. Comment below if you have any doubt or suggestion.

How to Gather Huge Amount of Fund/Budget in Top Eleven

Lack of Budget is a serious problem in the game who are in the lower level (beginner). Often those managers had to adjust with a cheaper player instead of an expensive one due to lack of budget. Where the truth of the matter is "excellent things/players are always expensive".

In this article, we will talk about collecting a huge amount of budget, so that your club doesn't need to compromise with cheaper players in the future due to lack of budget. There are various types of sources to earn money in Top Eleven, we will discuss one by one.
Sponsorship: Sponsors a considerable amount of money in this game. If you are a daily player then you can go for the daily contract, which will give you 40% more money than a season contract. if you are not comfortable with a daily basis contract then you can go for the weekly one having 30% extra income.

Stadium: Stadium is one of the main income sources of a club but its a very long process till you reach everything maxed up. However, for the long term future of the club, you must work right from the beginning. Bigger the stadium, higher the ticket price, greater the collection. There are a few factors which affect the ticket price. If the ticket price is too high the fans visiting the stadium will be less and your revenue will be low. Also due to the absence of fans, you will not get 5/5 possession bonus from fans in home matches which is important to maintain the possession play in the game.
  • Setting up the optimum ticket price: Deciding the exact ticket price is a trial and error method. We have tested various situation and conditions for several seasons and able to conclude that if your team has a good win to loss ratio like 3:1 or higher and your team is doing well in all three competitions then you can set ticket price up to 2X of your manager level (for level 20 manager and below) 2.5X of your manager level (for level 30 manager and higher).  For example, if your manager level is 10 then the ticket price should be around $20, and if your manager level is 35 the ticket price should be around $88. This rule follows for the trophy competitions only, for friendlies the ticket price must be below 1X.
(If you have played the older version of Top Eleven then you know about the fan base of your club. It increases with your manager level. When your stadium get maxed out (260K seats) the capacity become fixed but the fan base keeps rising. From that point, you can think about pushing slowly the "X" part with the increase of your manager level. All the facilities should get maxed by 25 seasons if you are an active manager)
    completed buildings in top eleven
    Full Grown Buildings of Top Eleven
    Parking & Utilities: Although it may seem that these two are useless and if you invest it will be a waste of money, parking and Utility both have an influence on fans attendance. Which indirectly connected with the ticket price.

    Youth Academy: This is a trick to raise funds that many new managers are not aware of. A full-grown youth academy provides 2 players twice a season (2x2=4 players in one season). Out of those 4 players, 2 players come for free. Now you can just sign them and sell them in the market. The remaining two cost you some tokens but if your club has a crisis of fund then it is suggested to sign them and sell them. You will get a fair amount of money in your hand in exchange for a few tokens. If you make your youth player 39% (it will appear for some manager as 99%) and there is a chance you will get a negotiation offer. (Discussed below under "Business")

    Business: Doing a small tricky business in the game may help you to raise your fund. On the very last day of the season buy 5 players [58%-59%] with 5 Tokens (18/19 years with double positions]. As soon as the new season starts they will become 38%-39%. Many managers in the lower level will see them as 99% in the negotiation window and you can get a fair amount of money by accepting the offer.

    Player Contract & Wage: Do not renew the player contracts every season. Renew it only when it is about to expire and at the end of the season. As soon as you renew the contract of a player the wage of the player rise by some amount. If you renew the contract at the beginning of the season then the player will play with higher wage but if you didn't the player will play the full season with the previous wage. Hence the 28 players together cost you an additional amount of money for no reason.

    No Retirement: Make sure no player is taking retirement from your club. Every player has some value, but when he decides to hang up his boots the market value of him becomes zero. So you have to sell out any player who is about to take retirement or retire soon in near future.

    Watching Videos: 15 videos daily sums up to more than 400 in an entire season. Even if it feels like the amount of money injection per video is very less then also it will become a great amount at the end if you multiply it with 400. (But I will recommend not to waste time by watching videos collecting money, rather watch it for Green/rests boosters and focus on earning budget with another method as discussed above)

    This is all about gathering funds/budget in the game. Let us know if the article was helpful for you or not and also inform us if you have some other ideas about collecting funds. Feel free to give your feedback by commenting below.

    Squad Selection for different competition in Top Eleven (UPDATED)

    The biggest challenge of every manager in Top Eleven is  -"Squad Management throughout the entire season". First of all, you should have a strong squad of at least one decent backup players for every position, specially GK, CB, MC, ST. Because these are the positions that you have to play at least one of them in every decent formation. You can buy players and build your team according to your favourite formation or switch between formations you like. (To know how to build a perfect squad click here)

    The benefits of having a backup player for the same position helps in a different situation. You might need a backup player in the playing eleven or as a substitution in different cases, which can be a forceful one (In case of injury and suspension) or a strategical one (when you are dropping your player for the following match intentionally)

    Forceful Substitution/Match-starter

    You might need your substitute player to take up some starter's position in case of injury and suspension. Following are the different cases.

    1) Altercation in Formation due to "sent of"
    While playing a match a player might be sent off for receiving a red card or second yellow and in that case sometimes change of formation is needed. For example, your gameplay will be effected without an ST or an MC or DC if you are playing only one player for such positions. So to alter the formation with a substitution you might need a decent player on the bench.

    2) Missing a match for sent off in the previous match.
    For a second bookable offense, a player will be handed a one-match ban. Straight red cards for dissent will result in a two-match ban. In Top Eleven the manager don't have control over these things and any player (Exception GK) can be sent off at any moment. So you better have a player available to take his place in the following match.

    3) Unable to play next match for serious injury and lack of treatment boosters (red packs)
    When a player is injured in Top Eleven it can be for 1 day to more than 20 days. For injuries more than 5 days a manager needs 15 "treatment packs (red boosters)". Now managers in lower level face more injury problem as the pitch is less upgraded (which can be updated in the training ground section, but it takes time to develop a fully upgraded pitch). Also due to frequent injuries in the lower level, the managers face scarcity of "treatment packs (red boosters)". So, in this case, you need your backup player t fill the shoe of an injured regular team player.

    Strategical Substitution/Match-starter

    While playing Champions League or CUP  matches always try to play the 1st leg match with your best team irrespective of the opponent. If you get a healthy lead in the 1st leg and some key players are carrying a card for the second leg, then replace those players for the 2nd leg, so that they won't face suspension for next round match after the second leg if they receive a card in the second leg. 

    The same way if your key player is carrying a card in the league and one more card in the next match will suspend him for the following match after the next game then drop the player if your next opponent is weaker and give your backup the player a chance.

    If your any first team player gets a yellow card during a match and you have a healthy lead, then try to substitute with a decent player in that position. It will decrease the possibility of getting a second yellow (which will lead to suspension in the following match)

    You should focus on building strong playing XI with a moderately strong reserve bench and get ready for all kind of situations

    Rough Schedules
    Suppose you have 2 matches play within a small span of time, say 3 hours. Which is really hard due to the reduced player condition after the 1st match. So if your first match opponent is easy and you are stronger than them then try to use your second team, means use as much benched player as you can.

    You might be lacking "Rest Packs (Green boosters)" so it can save lots of conditions/energies of your best players while playing the next match against the tougher opponent.

    League is like a Marathon race consisting of 26 matches, therefore, you will get time recover even if you have lost or made a draw in one or two matches. So try to play with the second team against an easy opponent and play with your best team against strong opponents.

    Reschedule Games:

    In case you are having tight schedules like mentioned above, you can reschedule matches according to your comfortable time to increase the time between the two fixtures. Although for this you need to be the home team of one of the two matches

    Other Useful Tips!!

    Having 90%+ condition on each player before a match is very important. Also keep the training bonus close to 10. (To know how to maintain the training bonus around 10, click here.) Also, try to keep the player's morale as high as possible.

    Let us know if the article was helpful or not and feel free to ask if you have doubt on anything. We will appreciate your valuable feedback

    Key To success in TOP ELEVEN

    Winning and losing is a part of the game, but winning a game in Top Eleven is not that tough. All you need to do is follow some basics which will help you immensely. In this article, we will discuss the keys to success in Top Eleven.
    1) A good squad: A squad doesn't always mean a strong team, the squad may be 90-95% also, below this percentage your squad will be an average one. At the same time, if you don't have a good bench strength, you may suffer at the crucial point of a match or a season due to suspension of players. Click Here to read about squad build up.

    2) Attend Matches: Recent trend in the game shows that there is more chances of winning if the manager attends the game. So try to attend your matches whenever possible. You can use reschedule options to your home match to set u matches on your favourable time. Also attending a match helps when a key players gets injured or suspended and ta change of formation or tactics needed. If you are absent the game doesn't change the formation or tactics. It will simply replace the injured players with a player from bench. In case of suspension through red card during the match the position of the player will remain vacant. So attendance is important

    3) Formation and Mentality: This two things in a game should go hand to hand or you may suffer badly. You need to have a balanced formation to face any kind opponent. In most the time you should prefer normal mentality. Accordingly, if you have an Attacking or Defensive formation, you should go for Attacking or Defensive mentality respectively. Hard Defending and Hard Attacking is always risky. Click Here to know more about when to attack or defense.

    4) Training Bonus: One of the key factors is having a good training bonus. Most of the managers have good teams but still, they can't get success just because they don't maintain a healthy bonus. Managers should keep bonus as close as 10 if not 10. You need to have a full squad to keep this bonus as high as possible. Train your players with the perfect training session to reach 10% with least energy cost.

    Read Here about the perfect training session to get 10x4 bonus with less effort.

    5) Health and Morale: A player condition should be at least 90% so that he can play a full match without getting exhausted. If you start with 80% health condition then he will get tired at the half time and results in poor performance. Morale is also a very important factor for a player. So before going to a match you should check the condition and morale and need to give the team required rest and morale.

    6) Winning Bonus ( $ ): Winning bonus is necessary to keep players morale high. A good bonus will definitely motivate your players to perform well. Hence, all you need to do is to give them a suitable amount of bonus considering your manager level as well as budget.

    7) Support: Support from the fan as well as your TE friends is always handy to have better possession. All you need to do is to have a good number of friends who can support you during a match. To get 5% fan in a game, you need to keep your ticket prices at a low rate and parking should be updated according to your stadium/manager level. (Click here to know how to update ticket price according to manager level under "stadium" section)

    So, let us know if you have some other suggestions and don't hesitate to ask if you have any doubts. We will be glad to help you out.

    How to Build & Maintain an All-Star [6*] Team Season After Season in Top Eleven with Least Effort.

    all star teams

    We all know one of the demerit of Top Eleven is the reduction of 20% team quality in every new season; hence, it becomes hard for most of the managers to maintain a high quality team. Every manager has a desire to play with a team of at least 6* quality every season but due to lack of tokens and heavy traffic in transfer market many manages end up playing with a 5* or even 4* team. So, If you wish to start every season with 6* team then read this article till the end. I am going to tell you about a smart and easy way to build a 6* team you always dreamed about. However, you have to be a little bit patient and believe in yourself.

    To build an All-Star team initially you will be needing few resources viz.
     i) Some amount of Tokens [ T ]
    ii) A little bit of budget
    iii) A fair amount of rest packs [Green Boosters]
    iv) finally few very young [18yrs-20yrs] and young [21yrs-23yrs] players.

    The calculations are quite complex so I will summarize it and just tell you, the things you need to do, in brief at the end of the calculations. 

    You need to have A full squad consists of 11+7=18 young  [18yrs-23yrs] players as they have higher growth rate, rest 10 players can have any age.

    To start the process you will be needing around 200 tokens and 250 rests in the first season. 
    In 1stseason, you will buy 10 players (2 players from each 18, 19, 20, 21, 22 years of age) and at the starting of the 2nd season, you have to buy the rest 8 players so that, you have a squad of 18 players (3 players from 18, 19, 20, 21, 22 years each ). And from 3rd Season onward you need to buy only 3 players of 18 yrs age to maintain the age distributions.

    Players rating reduced by 20% at the starting of every season, therefore, your team must be around 120% or higher on the last day of the season. We know growth rate of all players are not equal. Young players grow faster than the older ones. (Click Here to read more about player’s growth). Hence, they must need a head-start at the beginning of the season to complete 20% growth. If you want to retain all the players for the upcoming season then you have to train your players according to their age (older players demand more training than younger) in order to have a 6* team on the first day of the new season. In other words, if all of your players have at least 20% growth then you will get the same team rating at the starting of every season.

    Now let’s see the calculations and the no of Green Boosters needed to get a head-start at the beginning of the season.

     1st Season Requirements:

    Age No. Of Players % To Grow Rest Pack Total R.Pack
    18 2 2 5 20
    19 2 3 5 30
    20 2 4 6 48
    21 2 5 6 60
    22 2 6 7 84
    23 0 7 7 0

    242 Grand Total

     So, to get this job done you will be needing around 200 Tokens, 250 Rest Packs, and a suitable amount of budget according your manager level.

     2nd Season Requirements: 

    In the next season every player will be one year older [i.e. 18 age players will be 19, 19 age will be 20 and so on.]

    Age No. Of Players(One new players) % To Grow Rest Pack Total R.Pack
    18  3 2 5 30
    19 3 3 5 45
    20 3 4 6 72
    21 3 5 6 90
    22 3 6 7 126
    23 3 7 7 147

    510 Grand Total
     Therefore, to finalize the team you will need another 150 Tokens, 500 Rest packs and a sufficient amount of budget. And you are all set to begin season as All-Star season after season.

    3rd Season Requirements:

    In the 3rd season every player again will be one year older and 23 age players will become 24 and training them will be a waste of rest packs. So we will sell/substitute these 24 years old players. Now we will buy 3 new players of 18 age.

    AgeNo. Of Players(One new players)% To GrowRest PackTotal R.Pack
    18 3 (new players)2530

    510Grand Total

    Therefore, from the 3rd season you will need another 60 Tokens, 500 Rest packs and a sufficient amount of budget. And you are all set to begin season as All-Star season after season.

    Thus for the successive seasons we need only 60 tokens per season which is not a big deal. Thus we can save enormous amount of tokens.

    Things you need to do:
    1. Buy players according to the list (players from each age)
    2. Try to buy the players with higher ratings (nearing 99) and with double positions. You can also buy players through negotiations.
    3. Train your players until they get required amount of growth. [18 yrs players need 2% growth, 19 yrs need 3% and goes on...!]
    4. Buy only 3 players from 3rd season to maintain the balance of the squad.

     If you are wondering from where to find this huge amount of rest packs then click here to find out. And for funds you can visit here. Apart from this if you find any difficulty to understand then feel free to comment. We will try our best to help you out. We will appreciate your valuable response.

    How to Build a Perfect Squad in Top Eleven?

    A squad is the soul of your club. What kind of history/glory is your club going to create decided by the team sheet. The stronger your squad is the more chance of winning the trophies. The more flexible your squad is the more easily you can switch to the required formation during the match. Therefore, your squad must be strong and flexible as well.
    You have only three substitutions and only by using them, you must be able to switch your team into an attacking formation from a defensive one or vice-versa. For example, you are playing in 4-1-2-2-1 [V] formation now if you want to become a little bit defensive 4-1-4-1 without any substitution. Therefore, you need double positioned players like AML-ML & AMR-MR or suppose you are playing 4-1-2-1-2 (narrow diamond) and want to play more attacking then you need players having positions ST-AMC and MC-DMC in order to switch to 4-3-3.
    A triple-positioned player is the most flexible player and single position is without any positional flexibility. You must keep it in your mind while buying the players. Triple positioned players are hard to find so you have to work with double positioned players. Though you can train a position if you think it is necessary.
    Talking about the special abilities, few of the abilities are very important and few are good to have in the team and few got no use. Free-kick & Corner specialist are very important for a team, sometimes set-piece decide the match. Playmaker, Arial defender, Defensive Wall e.t.c. are good for a team. Penalty specialist got no use because it is expected from a good ST that he will score. To know more about special abilities click here.
    Now let’s set up a flexible squad with 18 players (11 starter & 7 subs) which can switch to any formation with one or no subs.
    2 GK = GK, GK
    5 DEF = DL, DL-DC, DC, DC-DR, DR, 
    8 MID = [DMC-DC, DMC, MC-DMC] any 2 of [], ML-DL/ML-AML, MR-DR/MR-AMR, [ML-MC, MC, MC-MR] any 2 of [], AMC-MC/ST-AMC, AMC.
    3 ATT = ST, [AML-ST, ST-AMC, ST-AMR] any 2 of []

           This team sheet covers all possible formation of TE & shows the position of the players which are easily available in the market. If you have such players in your team you  can switch to any formations during game with one or no sub. So you can refer to this team sheet while buying players. (AML-AMC-AMR, AML-ML-DL, AMR-MR-DR  are given extra in this sheet as they are not rare to find).